How do you define “global competency”? What level of global competency do you think you have from your study and travel? What might you have to do to improve your competency in this area?

To me global competency means having an understanding of the world around you; knowing about others cultures, languages, and lifestyles. To have the understanding that not everyone is the same as you or has the same thoughts and opinions. Having a sense of awareness and knowing that there are major and minor differences between each country.

When I studied abroad I had the opportunity to travel to six countries: Denmark, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, France, and of course Italy. Within those countries I visited twenty-seven cities. I think because I was able to visit so many places that were all so different, it has increased my level of awareness of other countries. As well as, my understanding of other cities culture and daily lives. My global competency has increased and my need for adventure and desire to travel it will only continue to increase.

Traveling and exploring other countries or cities is the best way to increase your global competency. You learn about their culture, language, families, and daily lives. By studying in other countries you learn about their education systems, what they view as important to learn and experience different teaching styles. Learning in a different country is so different. I think the best way to increase your global competency is to get an education in another country.

To continue to grow as a person and become more cultured and globally competent I plan to continue to travel. For law school, if possible I want to study abroad. As well as after I graduate I want to take a few weeks off and travel to all the places in Europe that I have not seen but want to. At times it might feel like it is such a small world but there are so many places that are just waiting to be explored.