What is the most valuable cultural lesson you learned and how do you plan to put it into practice in your everyday life? List five adjectives to describe yourself now, after having learned this lesson/gained this experience.

Every one is different or unique and each place you go has its own culture and personality. While living in Italy, I noticed very big differences between our culture and theirs. I traveled to many cities throughout Italy and each city within the same country, was very different. The most valuable lesson I learned was that I needed to slow down and notice the things around me that I was to preoccupied to notice before. In Italy people walk slower, they embrace the world around them. Because of this, I am more patient.
Walking in the streets and seeing how everyone treated one another, I have become more aware and understanding of others situations. I now appreciate my surroundings and the people in my life. I now see the little things I was to busy for before. The way Italians appreciate their families and the people in their lives, has made me more thankful for the support I have received from my family and friends throughout my life. Everything I have learned and have seen, has made me more cultured and enhanced my knowledge of things outside of my comfort zone. I use the lessons I have learned every day of my life to better myself and become the person that I knew I could be.
Five words to describe the new me are: patient, thankful, cultured, adventurous, and passionate. Studying abroad made me more confident and independent but primarily each of these words describe a part of me that I always knew was there, but didn’t embrace. Patient, as in waiting for others. Whether it is waiting in a long line at the store, being stuck in traffic, or waiting for a reply for an email. I have patience and now know how to wait my turn. I am thankful for the people in my life and the opportunities I have been given to become a better person. That includes improving my education, getting a job, being a part of my nephew’s life and being supported by my parents and friends. Before studying abroad I had only been on a plane three times, I had never left the states or traveled for fun.
Being in Italy allowed me to see things I could have only ever imagined. I traveled to twenty-seven cities and six countries and because of it I believe that my life is better. Experiencing different cultures and different outlooks on life I see things differently. Since studying abroad I am more adventurous, constantly wanting to explore new places and see new things. Lastly I am passionate about everything I do. After seeing the things I have seen, life is too short to not fully embrace everything you do. Love every minute of life and if you don’t, change it. That is one of the biggest things I learned about life, if you are not enjoying every second of every day, do something about it.