So i guess its that time for my super sad and depressing last post. I am going home tomorrow! Im getting on a train and going to Bologna then to Copenhagen then ill be in good old Chicago. The thought of being in my house, seeing my friends and family, being in the familar is absoutely frightening. I have become so used to being here and the living the life style going home is really going to be different. This city has not just been a town i go to college in, it has become my home. I have created a family here. My roommates, my sisters. Samantha, the woman from the bakery down stairs our mother. My apartment, my home. This place has become a part of me and i will never forget it or the experiences i have had. Waking up everyday and walking past the duomo. Eating the fresh food. Hearing italian and pretending i know exactly what they are saying. Trying to speak italian and pretending i know exactly what i am saying. I am truely going to miss this city. It has made me a stronger and more independent woman and i know where i want my life to lead me. I have made a promise to myself that the people i met here will not just be a memory but ever lasting friends, I promise to learn from my adventures and use the lessons to become a better person every day, i promise that one day I will return again and see the place that i called my home for four months with new eyes, I promise to live every day like it is my last and to appreicate all things in life, i promise to never give up on my dreams and to never stop dreaming. Thank you Florence for giving me the best four months of my life.

Il mondo è mia.
The world is mine.