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The flight was actually really easy. Super fast and other than the baby next to me who cried a lot the almost 2 hour light was only about 1.5 hours. When I arrived in Paris I took a cab to the hostel. As we Were driving I saw the top of the Eiffel Tower and it literally took my breath away. I’m pretty sure my driver got lost because He kept looking at his maps and driving in circles and at one point He just stopped the money counter haha i felt Kinda bad it was about a half hour drive from they airport. Once I got to the hotel I went down to the bar had dinner and listened to the live music it was a nice way to end my night before my busy next couple of days.

Saturday I got up at 6am, had breakfast and hopped on the metro to go to the Louvre. It was amazing. I was almost first in line and it was not crowed at all. I can’t believe how beautiful all the things there were. I spent over two hours there and I’m pretty sure I barely saw anything. They had a large egyptian exhibit which was very cool, i spent a lot of time in there. After I left the Louvre I went to the Museum d’Orsay. It was more paintings than sculptures but it was very cool. I spent over two hours there as well. After I walked around a little I found my way to the Love Lock Bridge. If you know the legend it says that if you take a lock and write the name of your friend, partner, whom ever you want and throw the key into the river you will be forever tied to that person. So I wrote Stephanie’s name on it and threw the key into the river. Now she will forever be tied to Paris, I thought that was only right to do. After I left there I had some lunch and went to Notre Dame. I lit a Candle for my friend Donna, She is battling cancer now and I said a prayer for her to beat it because I believe she can! After I walked around for a little bit and found a park with a really cool building and just sat there for a little bit. I still had time to kill so I hopped on the nearest metro and just got off and walked around. I found the Opera house so I sat on the steps and listened to a man who was singing outside. He was very good! Then I made my way back to the Sainte Chapel had dinner, changed into my nice dress and saw my opera concert. It was amazing. Beautiful place and beautiful music. I had an amazing time, can’t wait for my birthday tomorrow!

I was able to be on skype with my sister and nephew and On the phone with my mom when the clock stroke midnight in paris. It was so emotional for me not because i was not with them , i am usually at school for my birthday but because of being in paris and being able to talk to them both and idk i was tearing up. On Sunday i woke up again at 6am to start my day. After breakfast i got on 3 different trains to get to Versailles. It took forever to get there. But i spent over 2 hours there just walking around the gardens i didn’t want to spend the whole day so i hopped back on the train and back to paris. I got off at the Eiffel Tower and as i walked up and could see it whole with my own eyes, i literally couldnt breathe. It was so amazing it took my breath away. It isn’t as tall as i thought it was but man its huge. After finally standing in line for 2 hours i was up on the second floor. I walked around took too many pictures but man was paris even more beautiful from above. After i came down i got to talk to mom and dad and nick and that was great! I had dinner at the cute place i found after i saw the Arc d’Triumph i had steak it was great. Then walked around and now back at the Eiffel Tower for the sunset and light sho. What an amazing birthday!! Couldnt have asked for a better day :)

(There have been a few moments through out this trip where i have said. I can’t believe im here. Im actually doing this or seeing that but sitting here on the Eiffel Tower looking out over paris i have once again realized how truly blessed i am that i am here. Not just here in paris or florence, how truly blessed i am that i am alive. That i have family and friends that love and support me. That i know at the end of this amazing semester my life will have been changed and those people who care about me and who i care about will be able to see that change. I believe that there are things out in the world i cannot change and that is okay because even if i don’t know right away the reason i know that everything happens for a reason. I feel like i have missed so much at home but really you all are missing so much here. Life is all about the small things so appreciate them because you never know when tomorrow wont come and today is your last. So make every minute of your life mean something, make every moment count.)

So It’s finally monday and my last day in Paris. I checked out of my hostel and went to Sucre Coire. It was very pretty, you could see for miles. All of paris, it was a beautiful day for this. After I went to see Moulin Rouge. It was not what I expected. If you didn’t know any better you would just pass it on the street. It was not like the movie! Afterwards I headed back to the Louvre area for some shopping and on my way to the airport i stopped at Luxemburg gardens. I sat there for a little while but it started to get chilly so I got some food and headed to the airport. I sat there for a little bit and then got on the plane to come back to florence. I loved Paris and I can’t wait to visit again. Best weekend of my life!

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