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So we had to be at the train station at 7 to catch the bus, my family was still in florence and they were catching a train at 7 so i was up even earlier so i could meet them at the station and say bye! It was sad to see them go but that meant i was going on sring break to Greece so it was okay and it means the semester is half over and ill see them soon. We got on the bus and it was a four hour drive to the port of Ancora. We watched 21 jump street, friends with benefits and napped. Before we knew it we were there.

Once we arrived in Ancora we had to get on a ferry to Ingelesia. This was a massive cruise ship. I have never been on a cruise before so it was awesome. There was food and bars and a disco. The trip was 13 hours it was a long night. We had dinner and then we found some friends! We started playing some games and then made more friends Tom, Nate, Greg, Becca, Chelsea and Brittany and we hung out with them the whole rest of the weekend. We finally passed out around 2, we just found some floor space and got comfy it was so much fun we had a blast the first night and we weren’t even in Corfu yet!

We arrived around 8,30 to the port and we basically had to run to the second ferry that took us to the island bc the ship was so behind. We had to take a 2 hour ferry which was much smaller to the island. Once we got their we checked into our rooms, showered and went to get some lunch. Lunch was so cheap and amazing! After we went down to the beach which was covered in rocks instead of shells and some were so beautiful! So of course i took wayyyy more than i needed but they are so cool. We ran into our friends and we went down to the hot tub. This hot tub was huge. There were at least 50 people in there and still more were coming. we hung out in there for a while then went up to dinner. after the hot tub we went back up to the boy’s room and watched the sunset. We just hung out, it was a blast. Then we went down to Dinner, it was just as amazing as lunch if not more. The food in Greece is just fantastic. After dinner we went back into the hot tub and basically hung out in there the rest of the night. Then went up to bed around midnight because we had to be up early to sign up for activies the next day and it was getting cold out.

[For Trish: I will not change this paragraph. I wrote it when I got home from the toga party and was intoxicated, you asked for a drunken post and here you go.]

So we woke up at 7am to get in line for the booze crusie foor 10am but when we got there noone was there so why did they tekl us to get therwe at 7am!? So we waited till 9 and a ton of people gpt in front of us. But its okay we all wer able to sign up. So the crusie was like an hour late but it finally got tbhere and we hasd to swim out to the baot it was so cold but you got usdd to it but it was windy so the waves were higb and it was scarey. But we dfinally got on but i lost my waterbbottlkwe and my green ahorts but thbey were my favorite im really sad. Then we started drinking and things got weird. Im sad because it was so windy so i couldnt cliff jump of snorkle im mad bc thats the main reason i signed up but its ojay it was still a good time but things def got weird! Then when we tried to get to shore the wavges were so high we had to go halfway sdown the beach to anchor then jump out but it was dso hard to swim and tbhe water was gross! Then we jhopped in the hot tub and then came back to the rrom to relazzx around 8 we got out togas for the party and when to dinner. After dinner we rpegamed then at 10 went to the party it was fun we had pink togas and we had a lot to drink and a lot of oozu it was not awesome but other than that the drinks were gresat im pretty drunk. I got a plate smashed on my head and saw greek dancing and a man picked uip a tgable with his teeth! It was grewat but now im in bed and going to sleep gotta sign up for atv at 8 and its alrwsady 3 woo hoo lets get greecey!!!! YOGO

Ps the rooms spinnging woohoo

We got up today at 830 which was rough because of daylight savings plus Greece is an hour ahead of Italy. We went downstairs to register but because it was pouring we couldn’t atv. So we went down for breakfast. The stairs down to the beach (which was way more than i could count) were made of marble material so they were so slippery. I slipped and fell and now im super hurting . Im clumsy enough without adding water and dangerous surfaces. Im pretty sure i sprained my wrist, twisted my ankle and bruised my butt. Im in a lot of pain! :( but we had breakfast and hung out in the beac house and read our books and enjoyed our day. We met up with our friends and just hung out with them the rest of the day. We had to be checked out and ready to go at 5. We had to be back at the ferry by 630. While we were on the ferry we were jamming out and looking and pictures and we all felt like we were in the movie The Hangover, no one remembers taking half the pictures we were looking at, it was so funny. Lets get Greecey!! The saying for the weekend and YOGO: You Only Greece Once. Once we got to Ingeleisa we had to wait until 11,59 to catch the ferry back to ancora. But of course the boat was late. About an hour we got on about 1 and left about 145/2 which super sucks. Im tired and in Pain and need some ice and im just ready to be home. The second boat back to Ancora was so late getting home because we were going against the current. we were supposed to dock around 4 and we didnt dock until about 8. Then it took about 4 and a half hours to get home. We pulled into Florence arounds 12,30. Minus all the travel it has been an amazing weekend and a spring break that can’t be topped!

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